Tuesday, May 25

Kindred Spirit

Initially, I would like to state that I am being prevented from communicating in this manner on a regular basis due to the fact the Primary Female has developed the practice of closing this machine when she retires for the evening. I do not possess the dexterity to gain access without assistance, for which, I will not ask.

But as said machine is now open and alight on the raised feeding platform, I will take advantage.

Last evening, the Lone Male received a voice only communication from another male. He took refuge in his study to continue the conversation. After quite some time, he called the Primary Female into the study and transferred the communication device to her.

I, of course, did not intrude on this dialog. However, the Bane of my Existence does not possess the same refined form exhibited by myself and intruded in the most juvenile fashion. She jumped into the lap of the Female and attempted to communicate herself.

I suppose it is to be expected but certainly not encouraged.

She did pass on some interesting information, however. Our Lone Male and Primary Female were in contact with the staff of some VIF (Very Important Felines). Rachmaninov and Vivaldi, along with a pair of youngsters named Tank and Indy, have traveled to Italy and are now waiting for their male staff member to finalize affairs here in the US before joining the rest of the party in Europe. The female staff member is with them and is communicating through this same medium at this address. To my knowledge, the Hanana Browns have not issued any personal statements, but you can see their photographic likenesses here.

I can understand the length of the voice only communication, now. The Lone Male and Primary Female were speaking with a Kindred Spirit.