Saturday, November 15

Art Worth Viewing

I would like to know why this piece of artwork is hidden in a room where no one goes. It deserves exposure in a more traveled area of our home.

This feline is obviously quite famous. I found his portrait on the internet, too. You can purchase his likeness in a museum. I suppose that means that he is no longer alive. Having one's portrait in a museum does not bode well for one's mortality.


tgtank said...

I agree Mrs. Jones. It should definitely be hung in a more prominent area if it is going unseen.

dhcoop said...

I LOVE Walter Anderson!

This print reminds me of my Ringo. It should definitely be in a prominent place. As should all cat pictures. :)

Mrs.H said...

Hey, I have a sweatshirt with a Walter Anderson cat, too. It's not Dick Whittington's cat, though. Maybe it's the cat from the Ugly Duckling.